What Can OnTimeTelecom Do For You?

OnTimeTelecom, Inc. offers a variety of services that can be customized for your company.

OnTimeTelecom is the parent company of, a voice broadcasting service that has grown exponentially since its inception. The company offers a wide array of services which include but are not limited to voice broadcasting, two-way SMS, text message broadcasting.

OnTimeTelecom also presides over, an online wakeup call service. Utilizing the powerful OnTimeTelecom group calling API, WakeUpLand offers a wide range of wake up services and reminder calls. Schedule special wake up calls to be sent out to yourself so that you are never late for a business meeting again. You can also set up the service to send out daily weather alerts, jokes and other various information directly to your phone.

Our Features

  • Text Message Broadcasting

    Utilize the power of mobile devices and SMS with our extremely advanced text message broadcasting services.

  • Voice Broadcasting

    Set up emergency alerts and other various voice message notifications with our sophisticated voice broadcasting solutions.

  • Outbound Calling API

    Integrate our mass notification service into your existing business by using our powerful outbound calling API.

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